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“Las Posadas is really a festival of acceptance: Who will receive the child? Who will find room in their heart for Jesus, the son of God?” Reverend Pat Size, pastor of Hispanic ministries at Madison’s Grace Episcopal Church, told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Fitness may not come to mind when you think of monkeys, lizards, crabs, and fleas. Those creatures, however, provide inspiration for a unique, full-body workout for the founders of Belleon Body, Jeff Bell and Carlos Leon. Watch a break-down of the wild workout and fulfill your New Year's resolution to get fit and healthy.

Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective. More from Latino USA »

As its title promises,  Jerusa’s Day aims to present a day in the life of a woman living in the neighborhood of Bela Vista in São Paulo. Dealing with her loneliness in a community filled with widows and single women who live day to day, this short film offers a glimpse into what Jerusa’s world looks like with surprising candor and empathy.

DISH Latino Plus Channels and Package Guide . Jump to the list of channels | Jump to the package details. This page is our guide to the DISH Latino Plus channel package.

As a 3rd generation Puertorican American I am deeply saddened by this article. Both of my grandfathers, World War II veterans, proudly served this country to protect and uphold the law of our land – which is being violated at every turn here. Taking a stance against illegal immigration does not make you racist, it means you respect the law and honor the sacrifice of the men and women who have died to protect it. We are American citizens and I think its high time we start acting like it. On top of the clear physical danger to and psychological trauma to the people being smuggled, illegal immigration hurts impoverished Puertorican families too. If the island didnt have to support so many illegal aliens maybe the hospitals, schools and public housing wouldnt be as horrible as they are. And thats not to mention the violence…Puerto Rico may as well be a third world county. If we took a stand maybe things would change for Puerto Rico as a whole. I urge every Puerto Rican everywhere to say something!! Whatever you think, you as an American have a voice and opinion. That goes for our elected officials too!! My opinion: If President Obama can award billions of dollars of emergency aid to those coming over Mexico, why can’t he help PR?? I don’t want to turn this into a rant so i’ll end it here, but please do the research for youself; the numbers don’t lie. If we stand by and do nothing, say nothing, everyone loses.

Latino Journey Get On The FloorLatino Journey Get On The FloorLatino Journey Get On The FloorLatino Journey Get On The Floor