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From here, Glizzy can go a number of various ways. Himself and Fat Trel connected on the track “Checklist,” putting an end to the beef between the two . natives. The positive energy was a good look for . and music as an entity. Glizzy continues to show his growth as a man and artist as he continues to maneuver his way in the industry.

I thank God for this music, that's what's savin' me
I bet I'll make that bitch regret it that she played with me
It ain't nothin' but a G thing, baby
Nothin' but a G thing, pull up in my G-Wagon
Nigga, where your hood at? I don't need no G pass

01. Let It Rain
02. You Know What
03. Bankroll
04. New Crack
05. Ride 4 U
06. Huh
07. OG Call (Skit)
08. Rounds
09. How It Go
10. Waiting on My Time
11. 5 Minutes
12. Think About It

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Shy Glizzy - Young Jefe 2Shy Glizzy - Young Jefe 2Shy Glizzy - Young Jefe 2Shy Glizzy - Young Jefe 2