Discouraged ones mesmerized - i work alone

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Just who is so easily swept up in the group-think and loss of individuality that are hallmarks of cults? A misconception is that there is a certain 'type' -- usually imbalanced, weak -- that not only finds themselves caught inside a cult but that isn't able to extract themselves from it. The truth is, there isn't one typical profile, 'type.' People with advanced degrees and people without any formal education are both equally likely to find themselves swaddled in orange robes or holed up in a compound. The urge to be a part of something is elemental, raw, and natural. To have a defined goal, a purpose, offers meaning. Most people strive for acceptance within social groups and long for affirmation from others. Be it in an office or country club, adjustments are made to conform, to gain approval and to advance.

mid-15c., discoragen , from Middle French descourager , from Old French descoragier , from des- "away" (see dis- ) + corage (see courage ). Related: Discouraged ; discouragement ; discouraging .

This is simplistic reasoning. As per the common motto, “God helps those who help themselves,” those that study hard, or work hard, will do well in life. Those that don’t will struggle; regardless of how much confidence they have in Jehovah’s ability to provide.

So many of us have the belief that being "comfortable" is the only state we will tolerate. I remember a friend, about 25 years ago, who was in the process of changing a destructive habit. He had learned to say to himself, "This is merely uncomfortable, not intolerable." It helped him enormously to break his habit, and helped me begin to look at my own avoidance patterns [when it comes to impatience].

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Discouraged Ones Mesmerized - I Work AloneDiscouraged Ones Mesmerized - I Work AloneDiscouraged Ones Mesmerized - I Work AloneDiscouraged Ones Mesmerized - I Work Alone