Eternal zio - eternal zio

The musicians bring plenty of influences and experience to their group jam sessions but the over-riding genre here is folk-tinged droning psychedelia improv with some jazz. The album could have sustained longer and more developed tracks if Eternal Zio had desired. These guys have to be allowed to do their own thang or else the spell they weave might prove to be overkill and the listeners are in danger of remaining mute and spellbound long after the music has ended.

Eternal Zio by Eternal Zio, released 13 November 2012 1. I 2. VI Eternal Zio s/t (2012) released on LP 12" by Boring Machines records & Black Sweat records listen ...

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Eternal Zio - Eternal ZioEternal Zio - Eternal ZioEternal Zio - Eternal ZioEternal Zio - Eternal Zio